"Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him."
- Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963), "Texts and Pretexts", 1932

My work experience accumulated during the past 20+ years in business:

2004 - present

Senior Software Engineer and Head of Development with Löwenfels Partner AG, Lucerne (Switzerland)

  • Heading a group of 20 people (developers and testers) building Java and Web-based software for major Swiss social security agencies.
  • Trying to promote an agile development approach in a traditionally-minded environment, by applying Scrum principles.
  • Currently working with four Scrum teams, for one of which I serve as ScrumMaster.
  • Co-architecting the metadata-based service-oriented application framework.
  • Implementing domain logic in the social security realm.
  • Technical project lead on a multi-million (two-figure), 5 year long project.
  • Reporting directly to the head of the business unit.
  • Reviewer and committer in the software development process.
  • Facilitator for meetings and conflict resolution.
  • Coach and Agile change agent for the organisation.
  • Giving talks at conferences like ScrumGatherings, XP Days and JAX.

2001 - 2004

Senior Software Engineer with UD Neue Medien AG, Lucerne (Switzerland)

  • Technical lead in a team to build a content management and catalog management system.
  • Architect and maintainer of the application framework entirely based on Java (JDK 1.4.x).
  • Implemented a Jini/JavaSpaces-based prototype to distribute query, logging and persistency services.
  • Lead in the implementation of a content management system called OpenMedia, based on a generic business object model and a web user interface derived from the Servlet-based Tapestry Web Framework. Three websites were (and one of them still is) powered by this application: IBR Luzern, Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology and InLuft.
  • After the cancellation of the implementation of an own content management solution, the system was transformed into a catalog management system, with a Swing-based user interface and import/export of catalog, product, categorization and customization data in XML. The system was integrated with PowerPublisher, an XML and XSLT-based layouting engine. One catalog management project for Egli, Fischer & Co was implemented.
  • After a strategic decision of upper management, we are abandoning our own application framework development and are about to partner with another company, to rebuild the whole catalog management based on their application framework and toolset, becomming defacto an integration company.

1997 - 2000

Senior OO Architect with WIBEAG AG, Rotkreuz (Switzerland)

  • Participation and technical lead in a 3 year project to build a multi-tier application for the construction industry (architecture), catalog management and cost control.
  • Part of the core team responsible for the application framework completely build based on Java SDK 1.2.
  • Technical lead in the area of persistency, business object model, multi-language support and GUI.
  • Modeling (UML) and implementation of the business logic for the cost control and catalog management domains.
  • Implementation of the GUI for the cost control and catalog management domains.
  • Definition of development and coding standards.
  • Internal education and knowledge transfer to a secondary application development team.
  • Responsible for guidance of junior people on the team.
  • Representing the team to the other departments.

1991 - 1997

Software Engineer with Opacc Laboratory AG, Kriens (Switzerland)

  • Rewrite of the ERP application Insyde (now OpaccOne) by porting the code form proprietary UI to an object-oriented UI layer based on IBM's CUA standard. This included rewriting 1200 individual program modules. Insyde/OpaccOne's core logic is implemented up to now using the Dataflex 4GL/RDBMS.
  • Implemented a Windows GUI prototype using Visual Dataflex.
  • Participated in the implementation of a prototype of the new generation (Browser-based and Java) GUI for OpaccOne using Microsofts J++, VisualStudio, DHTML, ASP, IIS 4.0 technology. With a thin object layer and a C++/COM bridge the old Dataflex core was reused.
  • Responsible for the integration of the ERP system with multiple Swiss and German financial applications from third parties like (Abacus, SesamNT, Varial, DATEV, etc.).
  • Implementation of the companies website and integration of the complete end-user documentation into the site.

1988 - 1991

Analyst-Programmer with Metunix AG, Kloten (Switzerland)

  • Projects inclusive detail concepts programmed in COBOL-85 on a HP3000/70 host (statistical programs, extensions to custom ERP, reporting, calalog indexing).
  • Integration of Personal Computers running MS-Windows 3.11 with the host computer system.
  • Implementation of personal computer applications (Realtime data capturing and management for a medical analysis instrument using the OMNIS5 4GL and RDBMS).
  • Partecipation in the presentation of the above system at the swiss computer fair 'Swissdata'.
  • Network integration project of the Personal Computers with the HP3000 host internally over Ethernet, externally over X.25.
  • Setup of an SCO-Unix server.

1985 - 1988

Junior-Programmer with Walter Maeder AG, Killwangen (Switzerland)

  • Trainee with on the job education from junior programmer to analyst programmer (main programming language COBOL-85).
  • Responsible for all maintenance of existing programs (chemical laboratory applications, custom ERP system and customer information system).
  • Autonomous programming projects of man months size (system management utilities (automatic program cataloging system incl. a COBOL-85/RPG programm parser), extensions to the ERP system, statistics and reporting).
  • Facility management of an HP3000/58 mini host computer with 30+ terminals (Hardware and system configuration, operating system installation, disaster recovery, user administration and support).
  • Responsible for the support of all personal computer systems (configuration, host integration and user support).
  • Responsible for administration of all office automation programs.
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