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- George Eliot (1819-1880)

This page lists all articles available from this site:

  • 2005-12-08 Java Magazin (01.2006): Parallele Projektbearbeitung mit Scrum (German)
  • 2004-12-06 Fear Pattern Catalog
  • 2004-11-10 The Challenge of Mentoring Scrum Masters
  • 2004-09-19 Striking a Balance Between Code Generation and Aspect-Orientation
  • 2004-07-29 FEAR as an Acronym

In 2006/2007 the German JavaMagazin has published a series of articles of mine: The thorny way to an Agile team (Der dornige Weg zum agilen Team):

2006-07 Part 1: "Ab jetzt sind wir ein agiles Team!" ("From now on We Are an Agile Team!") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil1.pdf 2006-08 Part 2: "Was ist kein agiles Team?" ("What Is NOT an Agile Team?") (Attention: big file > 4mb) Click to download PDF 2006-09 Part 3: "Warum müssen Builds immer brechen?" ("Why Do Builds Always Have to Break?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil3.pdf
2006-10 Part 4: "Selbstorganisation - Chaos oder Wunderwaffe?" ("Selforganisation - Chaos or Wunderwaffe?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil4.pdf 2006-11 Part 5: "Was soll heissen: 'Ich bin fertig!'?" ("What Does it Mean to Be "Done"?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil5.pdf 2006-12 Part 6: "Metriken: Ballast oder Notwendigkeit?" ("Metrics: Ballast or Necessity?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil6.pdf
2007-01 Part 7: "Abnahmen: Verhinderer des Projekterfolges?" ("Hand-offs: Hindering Succesful Projects?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil7.pdf 2007-02 Part 8: "Brauchen agile Teams agile Kunden?" ("Do Agile Teams Need Agile Customers?") Lundak_DerDornigeWegZumAgilenTeam_Teil8.pdf 2007-03 Part 9: "Gedeihen agile Teams nur in agilen Unternehmen?" ("Do Agile Teams Only Blossom in Agile Companies?")
2007-04 Part 10: "Agiles Vorgehen als rotes Tuch" ("Can Agile Actions Be a Red Blanket?") 2007-05 Part 11: "Nur die Besten sind für das agile Team gut genug" ("Only the Best Are Good Enough for the Agile Team") 2007-06 Part 12: "Cross-funktionale Teams - eine Illusion?" ("Crossfunctional Teams - An Illusion?")
2007-07 Part 13: "Wo bleibt der Manager im agilen Team?" ("Where Is the Manager in an Agile Team?") 2007-08 Part 14: "Agile Teams skalieren nicht!" ("Agile Teams Do Not Scale!") 2007-09 Part 15: "Wie erhalte ich ein agiles Team am Leben?" ("How Can I Sustain an Agile Team Over Time?")

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