"Don't be so humble - you are not that great."
- Golda Meir (1898-1978)

lundak.org is the personal website of Jiri Lundak.

I am currently working as Head of Development and Senior Software Engineer on projects for Swiss social security agencies. I have 20+ years of application development experience on host, client/server, web and personal productivity applications.


My personal focus is on application framework design, distributed systems and object-oriented software development.

I like to simplify development and deployment of distributed and service-oriented systems, employing a rich object model.

On the project management side I am a proponent of agile practices in general and - being a Certified Scrum Master since 2004 - of Scrum in particular.


"Each and every project not conducted in the agile spirit that goes overboard in time and budget (and there are lots of those), demonstrates the validity of the agile movement's maxims. Let's work together to convince management of this fact."


Here is what I am striving for…

…as a team lead

  • Maximize ROI for the customer
  • Embrace change
  • Foster self-organized teams
  • Inspect often - Adapt often
  • Eliminate waste
  • Lead by doing it

…as a developer

  • Make application development fun again.
  • Go away with defining deployment descriptors, for everything.
  • Go away with developing only for web applications.
  • Define the object model and the application works.
  • Want to develop a web application? - Just start it up.
  • Want to scale your application? - Just configure it to run in distributed mode.


Some of memberships I value for knowledge exchange:

How To Reach Me

Jiri Lundak
Eichenspesstrasse 5
CH-6010 Kriens

Phone: +41 41 418 44 00 (at work)
Mail: firstname DOT lastname AT acm DOT org

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