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"Stay firmly in your own path and dare; be wild two hours a day!"
- Paul Gauguin


Let me introduce myself:

My name is Jiri Lundak and is my personal website. I am currently working as a self-employed Senior Agile Coach and Senior Software Engineer on projects for my customers. During the 30+ years of experience as a software developer and 20+ years as Java developer/architect, some ideas about projects have materialized, that I would like to pursue in the future. I would like to condense the results of the past work and blended with new ideas into applications and frameworks.

At the same time I encountered the complexities of project management. I was both on projects that were a great success and on projects that utterly failed. These experiences led me to believe, that most of the traditional software development approaches do not stand the proof of delivering the customer what he really wants. Project management often concentrates most of the time minimizing variation and change (in budget, schedule and scope) instead to spend their time on maximizing the ROI for the customer…A fundamental flaw I tend to fight against.


Timeframe Activity
2023 Working on a new (English) revised and extended version of my book, now titled "Disillusoned by Agile? - From Pain to Progress: Diagnose and Alleviate Agile Dysfunction"
Mai 2022 Participated in the course "Beyond Bureaucracy" by Palladio Trusted Advisers
April 2018 Attended in the Conference in San Francisco
January 2017 I participated in the Domain-Driven Design Europe Conference in Amsterdam
April 2016 Attended in the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference in New York
March 2015 Attended in the QCon Conference in London
May 2014 I participated in the Global Scrum Gathering in New Orleans
May 2011 I participated in the MIT Sloan School of Managements' "Leading Change in Complex Organizations" program in Cambridge, MA.
November 2010 Participated in the XPDays Germany in Hamburg. Hosted two OpenSpace sessions (one on Kanban Antipatterns and one on the Agile Perfection Game).
June 2010 Participated at XP2010 conference in Trondheim, Norway. Hosted one OpenSpace session on factors and stories of self-organization.
November 2009 My twin daughters accompany their father to work. Here is their impression of what happens at our company.
November 2009 I gave a talk in Leipzig on "How to Sell Agile in Organizations".
October 2009 I participated in the ScrumGathering held in Munich, Germany.
September 2009 Finished to write my book on Agile processes. I hope it will be published by mid-October.
September 2009 I am off to Oxford, UK, to participate in the IAF Europe conference on facilitation.
October 2008 I participated in the Global Scrum Gathering in Stockholm
November 2007 I was a week in London giving a talk on "Why Agile Projects Fail" with my friend Joseph Pelrine. The same talk at XPDay London 2007, five days later, was voted "Best Talk" of the conference.

Pet Projects

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